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Handmade Bags, Backpacks and Wallets full of stories. 

At Beauchamp, each detail is essential for our vegan leather products made 100% from Colombian talent. Distributed Australia wide.


In Love with our Products

About Us

Beauchamp Store distributes products from Vintro's History Colombia. Its history begins in 2011, when three friends (Ana, Naty and Cata) decide to join together to create a world full of fine coquetry. Following her taste for a retro, vintage and shabby chic style, she created a brand of innovative products inspired by nostalgia and aesthetics that is reflected in romantic, elegant and delicate designs, characteristic of the social landscape that ancient Europe lived in at the end of.

Welcome to a universe with details of fine coquetry!

We make our products in 100% Colombian materials, Vegan Leather. They are vinyl fabrics with the same property as leather in terms of quality, texture and durability. It won't peel or flake. The only difference with animal leather is that our vinyl fabric is not of animal origin.

100% Vegan!


*Avoid friction with surfaces that deteriorate the product.

*Do not use chemicals, abrasives, detergents, bleaches or solvents.

*Do not use washing machine and / or dryer.

*Avoid contact with colorfast fabrics, inks, oils, or cosmetics.

*Clean with a soft cloth and special cream for leather.

Sydney, NSW, Australia